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Company Information

· We are a licensed Transporter of Medical Waste registered with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

· Our staff are Highly Skilled Emergency Services Personnel, who have joined together to fill a large void in the area of biohazardous material remediation.

· We are a Local Service; not an out of state company pretending to be local.

· Fully certified and insured with the proper industry specific Insurance Coverage for this type of work. 

· We have the knowledge of state and local laws and regulations which are necessary to provide our services within our service areas of the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas.

· We are dedicated to the safe, rapid neutralization and removal of all pathological waste and associated debris left at the scenes of criminal or traumatic scenes, natural deaths, gross filth properties, or any other biohazardous incident.

· Whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial location our technicians are trained and equipped to respond
hrs/day to any location within our service area of South Texas.

· There are certified technicians on every job. We do not use untrained day-laborers.

· We employ no sales people, you will only deal with certified technicians.

· We work with most insurance companies as well as the Crime Victims Compensation programs.

Beware of the So-Called "Nationwide" Companies!

· Many companies found on the internet, are not located within this area, but are located many States and miles away.

· Companies claiming to employ trained / skilled emergency personnel but do not.

Be An Educated Consumer

During emergency situations, people are vulnerable to quick talking sales people. Bio-Ops, LLC. does not employ sales people. You will meet with our certified technicians, not someone looking to make a commission off your sorrow.

Don’t use a Service Broker that may be located in California, Illinois, New York or some other state. They Sub-contract your cleanup request and then mark up the invoice so that they get a percentage of the job.

Professional companies will always offer free no obligation estimates and will always work with your insurance carrier if they approve coverage and won’t require payment upfront.