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We need to work together in keeping our children and communities safe!

What we don’t know about diseases and viruses today, is what could kill us tomorrow.

Many times what may be left behind will not be seen or smelled however, that does not mean the danger is gone.

Many people do not know these facts:

   Tuberculosis is an airborne disease and can live up to 6 Hours.

        Hepatitis B can live in dried blood up to 2 Months.

Tuberculosis is on the rise again due to high populations of immigrants coming into the country. Therefore other viruses and disease could be entering as well.

People need to get involved in the seriousness of these issues in regards to the proper handling of Biohazardous Waste. Because these issues effect all of us.

Removal of Biohazardous Waste is dangerous and should be left to the professionals with the proper Certification Training, Personal Protective Equipment, Disinfecting Chemicals and the specialized Equipment needed to perform these High Risk Decontamination Procedures.

Infectious Bloodborne Pathogens are handled under strict guidance under OSHA Regulations and the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Large Companies and Small Business Owners need to seriously consider a Biohazardous issues and their associated remediation.

Companies need to also take into consideration the financial ramification and health risk if an employee becomes infected while cleaning up a Biohazardous contaminated scene.