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What if... There was a fire at your house? You would call the Fire Department.

What if... There was an injury at your house? You would call the Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

What if... There was a crime at your house? You would call the Police Department.

What if... Someone passed away at your house... What if... They weren't found for a while... What if... It was violent?

Who would you call to clean up the aftermath? Who does this type of work? Maid service, Police, Firefighters, Medics?

The answer is none! None of the services you would normally call in an EMERGENCY can help after the EMERGENCY.

We Can Help...

The clean-up of such events are left to the property owners, family members, and friends. This is disturbing to say the least. Friends and family are dealing with enough with the loss of a loved one and they should not have to endure seeing the aftermath and they absolutely should not have to handle the clean-up.

We believe that no family member should think they are alone when it comes to the clean-up of, in many cases, this horrific scene. The burden of the clean-up is left to us, so the family can start the healing process.

We don’t just clean, we DECONTAMINATE.

We specialize in the CTS (Crime & Trauma Scene) Decontamination Industry.

Bio-Ops, LLC. is an experienced and knowledgeable, certified, insured, and OSHA compliant Bio-Recovery company. We are not a cleaning, janitorial, or fire / water restoration company.

We saw a desperate need for a competent and knowledgeable company in the CTS Decontamination Industry for the   Rio Grande Valley and South Texas. Especially, once we had learned that family members were having to clean-up a horrific Crime Scene or Suicide of a loved one by themselves. We also had discovered that janitorial, carpet cleaning and fire-water restoration companies were doing this without the proper training, equipment and Decontamination Protocol.  Therefore leaving you and your children, tenants, and employees susceptible to the bacteria, diseases and viruses that the eye cannot see.

Professionalism is of the utmost importance among our technicians, and we believe strongly in helping the family in the time of need. NO FAMILY MEMBER should have to do this type of work. The shock, trauma and grief are enough for one to bear while in a fragile emotional state. 

We believe the safety of YOU and YOUR CHILDREN is as important as the safety of our own children.

We have the highest regard for the PRIVACY of everyone, and we instruct our technicians to be as DISCREET as possible. Our confidentiality policy protects your information and details of the situation we are asked to help with.