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Medical Waste Transporter - TCEQ # 50125

Bio-Ops, LLC. Medical Waste Management Solutions offers a full service pick-up, transportation and bio-recovery clean-up solution for virtually all types of medical, dental, pharmaceutical, animal and biohazard wastes. We are a TCEQ Licensed Medical Waste Transporter. We transport all properly packaged regulated medical waste to a Federally regulated and licensed medical waste disposal facility for final disposition.

We combine our vast experience dealing with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality), DSHS (Department of State Health Services), OSHA, and DOT (Department of Transportation) rules & regulations to insure that your wastes are handled in the most compliant, safe and environmentally sound manner possible.

As a busy healthcare professional, you have more important things to deal with than EPA, OSHA, and state requirements regarding medical waste. Bio-Ops, LLC. Medical Waste Management Solutions takes the worry out of regulated medical waste management with our professional medical waste management products, services, and training.

The improper handling and/or disposal of medical waste can pose serious health risks to the generator and everyone in the community. Medical waste or "sharps" are objects such as needles, syringes, lancets and other sharp objects used for medical purposes. EPA, OSHA, and Texas State regulations require that medical waste be properly handled, treated, and disposed of by a licensed medical waste disposal company.

Bio-Ops, LLC. uses only DOT approved medical waste disposal containers for your facility. Infection Control Departments will like our cleaning process. Each transport vehicle, is cleaned by Bio-Ops, LLC. staff utilizing a Chemical that kills viruses, resistant bacteria, and other possible contaminants. MSDS sheets are available.

Effective medical waste removal is more than “picking up your waste at a good price.” It’s about reducing your liability, correctly managing your waste stream and simplifying your access to disposal products and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Training and Compliance for Medical Waste Practices.

Medical Waste Management Solutions For...

Physicians / Dentists
Veterinarians / Animal Hospitals
Pharmacies / Labs
Dialysis Centers
Health Clinics
Nursing / Rehabilitation Centers
Home Health Care / Assisted Living
Diabetics / Personally Managed Medical Clients
Tattoo / Piercing Studios
School District Nursing Facilities
Emergency Services Agencies
Correctional Department Health Facilities
Child and Adult Day Care Facilities

Complete Medical Waste Management Solutions Including...

Compliant Medical Waste Management
Medical Waste and Sharps Disposal Products
OSHA Facility Compliance Training Programs
Expired / Recalled Drug Destruction
Document Destruction
HIPAA Compliance