Medical Waste Service Process




Account Set-Up

  • Your account is set up with your company information, billing information, schedule, contact person, rates, effective date, the Service Agreement Terms and Conditions, and approval signatures. This is a one page form for record purposes and you will receive a copy once it is signed and completed.

  • There is a nominal fee for the processing and data entry, but our fee is much lower than other company's fees.

Service Fees

  • We offer different rates for various services. Depending on your scheduling requirements and the amount of medical waste your facility produces. Again, our rates are much lower than larger corporations. Our rates are based on your selected service schedule and the amount of boxes we collect. You can easily calculate what your bill will be for each invoice. A brief summary of our charges are listed below.

  • ACCOUNT SET-UP FEE: As described above, this is a one-time fee and you will not see it again.

  • SERVICE FEE: We do require a Service Fee for maintaining your account and for the miscellaneous processes and documents required by State and Federal Regulations. The Service Fee also includes fuel charges, documentation, record keeping, and manifest tracking. The service fee is different from the Box Fee and will be charged depending on the schedule you need apart from the boxes collected.

  • BOX DISPOSAL FEE: The Box Fee is the charge for the disposal and replacement of the red bag liner and box. You are not charged by the number of boxes we provide; you are charged for the number of boxes we collect. We do not charge you a flat rate for boxes we don't collect. Some other companies will charge you a set rate even if you produce less boxes than usual. Again, you pay for what you use and there are no hidden fees or surcharges.

  • ADDITIONAL UNSCHEDULED SERVICE FEE: Should you need an additional pick-up, apart from you regular schedule, during your service period (billing cycle) a nominal fee will be applied for the cost of the extra trip.

  • LATE FEE and RETURNED CHECK FEE: Late Fees and Returned Check Fees will be applied only if the situation arises. As long as payments are made in a timely manner and the funds are available, these fees will not be seen.

  • ADDITIONAL SERVICES: We offer services other than Medical Waste Management. These services can be found on our Additional Services page.


  • We offer convenient bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or on-call pick-ups. We will work with you to determine which schedule would best fit your needs and how we can help you meet your requirements.

  • We accept telephone, fax, or email pick-up requests and postponement notifications.

Pick-up Service

  • When our professional and courteous technician arrives, he will collect any full boxes and replace them with an equal number of U.N. and D.O.T. approved boxes and appropriate liner (red bag).

  • Service entrances will be used to minimize disruptions to your facility's daily activities.

  • Sharps CONTAINERS (NOT loose sharps) may be combined into the boxes with all other medical wastes.

  • You will then sign a waste manifest collection document for collection and transport, you will receive a copy.


  • We do not require long term service contracts. You are only committed for the monthly or quarterly service period and you may cancel our services at any time with no penalty fee. We do ask for a 30 day notice to finalize any documentation and outstanding balances.

  • Late Fees and Returned Check Fees will only be applied should payments be received late or should funds not be available. As with any business, payments received in a timely manner greatly reduce additional costs of doing business and allow us to pass savings and lower rates on to our clients.

  • You will receive an itemized invoice at the end of the month or quarter, depending on your service schedule, for our services and waste removal. An invoice will be issued for each facility you have scheduled with us.

  • We currently accept cash, personal & company checks, and credit/debit cards (through an online "e-invoice" program with Pay Pal). Payments can be mailed or we can collect payments in person at the time of pick-up if you prefer. You may use whichever method is most convenient for you at any time and there is no additional charge for any method you choose to use.

credit cards


Autoclave / Incineration Treatment

  • We guarantee to properly destroy all of your wastes via autoclave / incineration treatment which greatly reduces your long term "cradle to grave" waste liabilities. These processes are approved methods of treatment and disposition of special wastes from health care-related facilities by the Texas Department of State Health Services, the Texas Board of Health, and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

  • The treatment and destruction of the medical waste we collect from our clients is sub-contracted to a secondary agency licensed to treat medical waste. Through our agreement and license, we are able to provide our clients with lower rates for these treatment and destruction services.