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Police/Swat Teams use agents such as:

    CS (o-chlorobenzylidene malononitirile)

    OC (oleoresin of Capsicum or Pepper Spray)
    CR - (dibenz (b,f) - 1, 4 - oxazepine)
    CA (bromobenzenecyanide)
    CN (alphachloroacetaphenone).

These products are commonly know as Tear Gas or Pepper Spray. They are actually a powder with an inert gas used as a dispersal agent.

These and any other agents will leave behind a residue. Bio-Ops, LLC. handles these chemicals properly to remove any aftermath from Police activity.

Forensic Dust Powder

Also know, as Fingerprint Dust, that will be left behind by the Crime Scene Investigators.

However, getting rid of them can be a real chore. Extreme care needs to be taken during the clean up. When a person with little or no experience attempts to clean up the fingerprint dusting powder they without knowing may very well complicate matters by spreading the product further and possibly damaging all contacted surfaces

Bio-Ops, LLC. has specific products that can safely remove the Fingerprinting Dust or Fingerprinting Liquid.