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The abrupt shock that occurs in the wake of a homicide can make dealing with the remaining physical effects difficult. However, rapid crime scene clean up following a homicide is crucial both to the health and the safety of the inhabitants of the dwelling as well as the integrity of the space where the crime occurred.

The professional technicians at Bio-Ops, LLC. are experienced in the rapid removal and decontamination of biohazardous materials. We understand the profound amount of stress a homicide can cause, so we work quickly and respectfully to thoroughly remove all traces of the crime scene. Clean up procedures include cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing with hospital grade disinfectants.

Our company determines the biohazardous risk at the scene. We then remove all infectious blood, body fluids, body tissue and any materials that are / or may be contaminated.

These contaminated materials must be handled through a proper DECONTAMINATION process.

Most often you cannot see the extent of the contamination, even with a small area of blood. Often the contamination spreads further than the untrained eye can see.

Our Technicians are very detailed and thorough to insure the safety of our clients.

When our job is done, we transport the Biohazardous Waste to a Federally Regulated and Approved Medical Waste Disposal Facility.