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Bio-Ops can assist with the removal of MEDICAL WASTE from various locations.

Many individuals must take medication to maintain their health and many of these medications require them to inject themselves with hypodermic needles. 

Unfortunately, some of these needles find their way into areas where others may come in contact with the needles.

All too often there are reports that someone has come across a discarded needle. 

When needles are found they almost always have been used and contaminated with blood.  Often there is a small amount of blood left inside with viruses that you may not be able to see.

We use Federally Approved Medical Sharps Containers to collect and dispose of these items.

In addition to syringes and needles, often medical emergencies occur where EMT's & Paramedics unintentionally leave behind tools and instruments that may have become contaminated while trying to save a life.

If the Ambulance Company is unable to recover these items, we can properly remove and dispose of them for you.