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Bio-Ops, LLC. handles many different needs when it comes to Vehicle Decontamination.

Our company also works with vehicles for the Police and Sheriffs Departments, and other Government Agencies.

In many instances we can have a Technician go on site to decontaminate the vehicle.

Many times somebody has broken into a vehicle to steal personal belongings or use the vehicle for other criminal acts.
It is essential that the car is NOT taken to a Detail Shop to have the interior cleaned up. Too many unrealized contaminants may actually be present.

Our company has special equipment and products that can remove blood from most interior areas of a vehicle, we then DISINFECT and DECONTAMINATE those areas to whatever capacity is necessary.

Our company can handle any job regardless of how small or large the vehicle.

We can decontaminate Cars, SUV’s, Motorhomes, Boats, Trains, Tractor Trailers, and even Airplanes.